Welcome to East Meets West Holistic Center

The goal of our center is to push forward the emergence of a new medical system that is rooted in both great medical traditions-Eastern and Western.

Growing up in a small town in Ukraine, I got used to folk medicine being the more common medicine and only in severe situations would one go to a medical clinic or as it often happened, a doctor would come to your house.  Western medications were in high demand, so everyone relied on folk medicinals often out of necessity.  So, when we came to America, my mother got on prednisone for her knee pain instead of cabbage leaves, bee pollen, and diet restrictions.  She was very happy.  A tiny pill and no pain.  Eat anything you like! It was great for a few years, then side effects showed up.  We switched to acupuncture to take care of her arthritis, that worked miraculously, but the damage was done and she developed cancer.

That is when my center was born as a castle in the sky, where different medical traditions  can be practiced under the same roof. It was a long journey, and after 15 years of practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine, my castle in the sky materialized as of 2012 and I am so happy to be able to offer many different alternative (folk) modalities and collaborate with some excellent western specialists.