Our holistic center

We are a team of experienced practitioners of various eastern and western healing arts, with an emphasis on the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We believe that in order to achieve true and lasting health, with harmony and balance in one’s life, we need to find and treat the Root of the problem.

We strive to offer the highest quality of care through a variety of modalities adapted to the unique needs of our patients, provided in a relaxing and tranquil environment.

East Meets West Holistic Center offers the following services:

East Meets West Holistic Center can help with some of the following:

For conditions not listed below please contact us for a personal consultation.

Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mood disorders, affecting millions of adults in the US.

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Pain Management

Pain relief with acupuncture has been proven to be a very effective method of treatment by many studies conducted in the West.

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Weight Management

There are many reasons for weight gain: it can be due to improper eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, depression, use of certain medications.

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Women’s health

Women’s health is very dependent on the hormonal cycle starting at puberty, through conception, and into menopause.

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Acupuncture and herbal medicine, yoga and meditation have been found to be exceptional in relieving stress and preventing illness.

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Traditional Chinese medicine has enhanced fertility for thousands of years.  Because acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine…

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Relax and heal…

Our practice is firmly rooted in the belief that good medicine combines the best of Eastern and Western practices, with an emphasis on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine.  We strive to provide the highest quality of care adapted to the unique needs of our patients, ensuring a true well-being and holistic experience for all.

Client Testimonials

Migraines and chronic daily headaches had taken complete control of my life. I could not work, and even the simplest of activities had become extremely difficult. The anxiety that plagued me as a result of the stress of feeling miserable all the time became incapacitating. I had been to various doctors including a neurologist and had been prescribed a variety of prescription drugs–all of which did little to help me and had multiple undesirable side effects. Out of desperation I decided to try acupuncture. I have been Polina Bowler’s patient for two months now and the results have been very positive. My chronic daily headaches are virtually non-existent and my migraines have lessened both in intensity and frequency. Acupuncture has helped me tremendously. I am able to start participating in my life again without fear that every action will cause a migraine. Polina Bowler is both professional and sympathetic. She treats not only the specific issue but the WHOLE PERSON. Her acupuncture treatments bring the body and mind back into balance.

ErickaLos Angeles

I have been seeing Polina for several months for various problems. She has always delivered a positive result, but the most dramatic improvement I’ve had so far occurred this past week. I had pinched a nerve in my neck and was in excruciating pain. The injury was so severe that I began to experience flu-like symptoms and depression. Out of complete desperation, I began taking muscle relaxers and vicodin but even these strong prescriptions were not helping. Finally, I got the energy to drive to Polina’s office, and a MIRACLE happened!!! Only a few minutes after the treatment began, so much tension and trapped energy released itself, and, when the session was done, I could suddenly move my neck and 75% of the pain had disappeared!!! I couldn’t believe it! I like to say that Polina performed a miracle, but I know my improvement was due to her skill and expertise. I am very fortunate to have found her treatment and would recommend her to absolutely anyone!

DaliaLos Angeles

I started seeing Polina a year ago when my husband and I were having trouble conceiving.  I saw her twice a week for about two months when I became pregnant.  I’m sure it was a mixture of things that got me pregnant but going to Polina helped me relax and she was also a good person to talk to when I was stressed about not being able to get pregnant.  I was receiving acupuncture alongside herbs.  We now have a healthy 2 month old baby boy!


My energy is great, my sugar cravings are gone, and my mood has transformed entirely.  I came to Shaina because I was exhausted all the time, craving chocolates and sweets all day long, and I was in a foul mood most of the day.  I especially hated it because I had no patience for anyone in my office, and at home.  Six weeks later, my energy is great, my sugar cravings are gone, and my mood has transformed entirely.  I am so grateful to feel like myself again, and to be able to lead and parent from a more compassionate and patient place.  Yay for patience, self-care, and healthy food!!!

R Halperin, Entrepreneur

Working with Shaina has been a great experience!  I can tell that she is listening to what I’m telling her, and gives me specific advice that works with my life.  I saw results pretty much immediately and have been feeling a lot better and healthier.

B. Erdahl

Edward is a true healer!!  He embodies an essence of pure kindness, compassion, honesty, integrity, empathy, and humor in his Reiki healing sessions.  He has helped me tremendously with an old leg injury and a new onset hip pain.  I feel an incredible unconditional loving energy at every session!  Some of his Reiki healing visits give me an incredible amount of energy while others leave me with a peaceful bliss and tranquil feeling.  He is a gifted soul and I am so thankful to have him in my life.  I highly recommend Edward for anyone looking for amazing guidance on their spiritual and physical healing journey!

Sophia M.

Edward is a master.  I have been going to him for about a year now and I will never go to anyone else for Reiki healing!  His work has helped me in ways that I never imagined.  I have a high stress job and Edward’s healing sessions have had a giant impact when it comes to keeping my stress and anxiety in check.  His sessions have greatly reduced the overall tension I am often guilty of holding in my mind, body, and soul.  My friends, family, and doctors have all commented on how I am noticeably more balanced, relaxed, and content.  Thank you so much Edward!

Elaine N.

I went to Edward for treatment for a number of consecutive weeks.  I found him to be highly personable, genuinely concerned with my well-being, extremely professional and most importantly, highly skilled in the art of Reiki.  I would heartily recommend his expertise and services.

Gregory M.

I never thought I could feel comfortable and safe with a person I did not know, but this happened with my first session with Bianca.  As a teenager, I find it challenging to find someone to understand me fully and not judge me for what I’m going through.  She is fun, caring, and patient and really easy to talk to.  I could freely express myself and my fears knowing she will be there to guide me and overcome my problems.  I could see a difference with my depression since our second session and I couldn’t feel better.  She’s the best!

Cynthia, 17

I went to Bianca looking to improve my digestion.  After struggling with Candida, Celiac Disease, and a handful of other ailments I was desperate.  After only 2 sessions with Bianca, I feel like and entirely new person.  I could eat so many things I had avoided for so long without any negative reactions.  I sleep better and feel better than I have in years.  I cannot recommend Bianca more!


AMAZING!  Polina Bowler is extremely polite and professional. Each treatment was slightly different, depending on my health conditions: acupuncture, cupping, magnets, Chinese Herbs, etc.  Polina explained everything in detail and her information was most beneficial!

Jasmine O. YELP - Los Angeles, CA

true healer alert !!!!!!!!!    would like to give a, raving 5-star review.  needs more stars too.  Polina hears the problem and fixes it. this is a true healer and a real.  i say real doctor.  try getting that from any doctor or the ones who are the fools who call themselves doctors.   Polina is a healer and my real doctor. she has an excellent receptionist.  Marz who is superb flexible and personable.    to end teddy the therapy dog is a smooth sweet and loving exactly what people need!  bravo to Polina for fixing whatever is wrong immediately and expeditiously!!!!!!  thank you!!!

Jude P.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I started seeing Polina a year ago when my husband and I were having trouble conceiving.  I saw her twice a week for about two months when I became pregnant.  I’m sure it was a mixture of things that got me pregnant but going to Polina helped me relax and she was also a good person to talk to when I was stressed about not being able to get pregnant.  I was receiving acupuncture alongside herbs.  We now have a healthy 2 month old baby boy!

Evelyn K.YELP - Torrance, CA

Polina and her team are excellent!!  I have been seeing her twice a week for a few months for back pain related to a herniated disc which is markedly improved.  I’m thrilled and relieved!

Sari S.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

This place is simply the best!  The staff is excellent!  Paulina is an amazing, wonderful and caring person.

Neatoh B.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Ellen is an amazing healer for both mind and body.  Thoughtful and caring, her acupuncture and herbology (is that a word?) knowledge are fantastic. She also accepts insurance!  I highly recommend her for any problems.  I won’t go into the issues I’m seeing her for but suffice it to say that over the past two months we’ve made some great progress.  I’m impressed and admit I was a smidge skeptical about acupuncture in general – not anymore!

Dawn A.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I came to Polina with the worst sciatica I have ever experienced in many, many years.  I couldn’t walk and the pain was horrendous.  After a few sessions of acupuncture, I started to feel better.  The pain finally left me completely and totally after a couple of massage treatments with Devon Fitzgerald.  He is an incredible healer with amazing insight. I am so grateful.  For insurance & setting appointments, Brianne is great too.  I highly recommend this wonderful office & Polina’s kindness.

Marsha S.Los Angeles, CA

Polina is a truly effective acupuncturist.  I have had significant results after seeing her regularly.  She is very insightful, really takes the time to listen and find out what is going on and is also very funny and easy to talk to.  And she’s covered by my insurance, which is awesome.

Ayla K.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I second all of the 5 star reviews here, Polina is an absolute godsend in my life.  I found her 3 years ago when I was having crippling neck pain, muscle spasms, and could barely turn my head.  I’d seen a chiropractor and massage therapist about this issue many times, had been prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxers and never felt any better.  I decided to take a chance on acupuncture, and the result after one session was immediate relief.  I began coming regularly to stay on top of it, but also because I just really like her and the calming environment she has created at EMW.  I was skeptical at first and now its something I can’t image living without.

Erica D.YELP - Hollywood, CA

Wonderful place.  They take the time to get to know you and your specific needs.  They really care about your well being, mind body and spirit.  I started feeling the positive effects within days.  A great holistic approach to what ails you.

Julia M.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

This review is long overdue.  I have been seeing Polina over the years since 2008.  I began my treatment, initially, for anxiety and depression and she was amazing.  I ended up taking herbs and seeing her on a semi-consistent basis and she always made me feel so comfortable.  Her treatment helped more than any pharmaceutical I was prescribed.

A few months ago, I was in a car accident that seriously injured my neck.  I had seen three different neurologists/neurosurgeons, all who told me I needed to have surgery on my neck immediately.  I decided to visit EMW and talk to Polina before I went through with it.  I showed her my MRI results and spoke to her about what I was feeling and we made a plan.  I cancelled my surgery 48 hours before I was supposed to have it.

Today, after over 20 consistent treatments, my range of motion has increased, not only significantly, but my body overall feels so much more open.  She has taught me so much about my body and how to take care of it, especially in times of pain and injury.  I will continue to see Polina for tune-ups and because her place is so relaxing.  You walk out of there feeling like you can do anything.  At least that has been my experience.

I’ve recommended a few friends here and they continue to get treatments for a variety of ailments.  I highly recommend Polina and EMW.  The staff is so friendly and it is quite a peaceful place. 🙂

Lisa Marie Q.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Words can’t even express how grateful I am to Polina.  Craig , and the staff here.  When I found this place, I was at rock bottom. after a couple months I have never been happier and healthier , spiritually.  Physically and emotionally.  As a disabled combat veteran I’m fully covered by the Va to use their facility’s and to get medical care.  Nothing really worked for me until I discovered this place.  I would highly recommend east meets west because I can genuinely say my life has been saved and I have a new take on life!

Albert P.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

This place is amazing!!!

I started going to East Meets West because I had about 11 lumps in my neck, shooting pain from my neck through my head, & debilitating dizziness that came on all of a sudden.  After the 1st acu session I noticed a difference and a couple of amazing sessions with Polina later I saw their MD who now works out of their office Dr. David Fuchs.

David is more of a holistic Dr. than most MD’s & is more about letting the body heal itself through natural treatments than every single other Dr. I’ve been to who just masks the problem with drugs.  I much prefer Dr. Fuchs’ methods!

On top of my regular acupuncture to treat the issue + cupping that Polina also administered, I began seeing Craig their massage therapist.  He worked his magic on me & in 2 short treatments combined with Polina’s acupuncture I felt like I had a new neck!!  The pain went away & most of my bumps disappear.  Now they are nonexistent!!

Miracle workers here!!

I highly recommend them to my friends/co-workers & want to share with the Yelpers of LA how awesome they are.  Not only are they incredibly skilled at what they do, they are all kind people and that combination makes me want to go back again & again!

E.M.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Summary:  You need Acupuncture, Massage, or healing – go here.  The place is amazing.  East Meets West is on Wilshire, easy parking on Stanley and their new offices are beautiful.

First, I’m an all natural person.  No health insurance.  I would never do acupuncture until I started going to Polina about 5 years ago.  Now’s she’s helped a dozen ailments from sore neck, sore back, headaches, colds, you name it – she’s a gifted healer that **really** cares about her patients.

Second, Craig is newer, but an amazing massage therapist.  He knows how to help those neck and back strains and finds the ailing spots with his gifted healing sense and hands.

Go here and be healed.  It’s acupuncture and massage with real caring souls there to help and guide you to wellness!

Tell your friends.

Neonerd D.YELP - West Hollywood, CA

I’ve been going to Polina off and on for the past couple of years, partly because my work insurance covers her, but mostly because she’s just GREAT.  Almost totally and completely painless; she believes in the Japanese methods which minimize pain, and yet, she works quickly and effectively – there have been times when my back’s been in full spasm and after one session with her, I’ve walked out nearly pain free.  She’s got a great understanding of both Eastern and Western thought, and she’s got a great manner besides – she’s open, friendly, smart, and gentle.  She’s expanded her business to include massage, yoga classes, and nutrition, with an alternative pharmacy on the premises.

I’ve been to a lot of different acupuncturists, and I believe she might be the best.

Ken N.YELP - Central LA, Los Angeles, CA

Polina is a caring, funny and patient acupuncturist who has helped me with various issues, from back pain to anxiety.  Their new office is beautifully and tastefully decorated, inviting you in for a session filled with peace and happiness.

I like the fact that she has brought on a nutritionist and MD.  I’ve never had to use their services, but it’s nice to know that I have those options.

KandD K.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

This place is pretty awesome, it’s a beautiful space, very zen and calming.  The acupuncturist is fantastic and also specializes in Chinese medicine.  I went here on a whim, was in a lot if pain and they fit me in.  Definitely thankfully to find this place on yelp.

Crista R.YELP - Hempstead, NY

Seven months ago I was suffering from a severe neck problem.  After being prescribed pain pills from my doctor which I didn’t want to take, trying several different forms of massage and physical therapy that had no effect.  I was referred to Polina and East Meets West.  In 5 treatments, Polina and her acupuncture had amazing results, the pain was gone.

For years, I had also been taking medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol but wanted a more natural way of dealing with it.  I became very curious if acupuncture and Chinese medicine could help so I inquired with Polina.  With my physician’s agreement, I decided to try Polina’s plan of diet, vitamins, tea and acupuncture.  After 2 months of treatment and checking my BP daily, I saw it drop to normal levels consistently.  Because I also felt amazing from the regimen and my energy levels were up, I also found exercise more enjoyable.  No doubt that has helped but I certainly put about 85-90% of my success to Polina and East Meets West.  I would encourage anyone with high blood pressure to consider this, speak to your doctor.  It just might work for you too!  I’ll be an East Meets West / Polina devotee for a long while!

Carl B.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

A friend of a friend recommended EMW, and I’ve been incredibly impressed with all of my visits there.  Each time I walk away feeling like a million bucks. Paulina and Craig are both incredibly talented.  Having never done acupuncture before, Paulina gracefully introduced me with ease into my first session.  Craig has done some amazing things on a particularly persistent injury, and it’s made a remarkable difference.  Always look forward to my appointment!

Franklin H.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I’ve had acupuncture once before but Polina is a step above.  She truly cares and has been working on a few ailments at a time which have all improved if not fully disappeared.  She has put me at ease from day one and has also offered herbal options along the way.  Definitely recommend!

Danielle A.YELP - Fremont, CA

I love Paulina for she is passionate about good health and wellness keep your eyes open for is going to open a wellness center very soon……

I will keep you all posted.

David H.YELP - Fremont, CA

For acupuncture: I had tried acupuncture at three other places that friends/doctors had recommended and it had always been helpful in a limited way.  But then I saw Polina. AMAZING!  She not only works wonders with a pinched nerve or a thrown out back, but my allergies and asthma are finally under control!  I’ve recommended her to at least six friends, and they all swear by her.  I’ve been going to her for about five years, and couldn’t imagine my life without her.

Daryl B.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I have Polina to thank for getting me off antidepressants and helping me get healthy, the natural way!  I was trying for years to get off antidepressants and just kept going back on them because my body was so overwhelmed with stress.  Through Polina’s recommendations: a healthy diet, anti-stress medical yoga and acupuncture/herbal therapy – I am happy to report 3 months off and doing well!  Whenever I need a “tune-up” or I am feeling down, I can pretty easily get an appointment within a few days.  Craig, the massage therapist, is also very talented and will cater specifically to your needs with detail.  Even though it is meter parking only, I haven’t had a problem finding a space.  The clinic is beautifully decorated with a simple Asian touch, and there are always fresh flowers on the desk, which to me is invigorating.

The nutritionist, Nilli, is extremely knowledgeable and holds healthy cooking classes which are all part of living a healthy lifestyle.

I strongly recommend East Meets West Acupuncture for all of the reasons above and for their determination to continually add to and improve the services offered.

Nicki B.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Polina Bowler has been my acupuncturist for years.  Her treatments quite successfully helped abate my severe menopause symptoms, including anxiety and insomnia.  Now that East Meets West has become a holistic center and has moved into a beautiful new suite, I thought I’d try a facial.  Well, Tia is amazing!  She uses only natural products and has magic hands.  My skin has brightened significantly and has never looked so good!  I feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  I plan to go back in a few weeks and experience a light therapy “facelift.”

Debra D.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Everything about East Meets West is truly EXCEPTIONAL!!   I had acupuncture done for some recurring migraines and Polina’s expertise helped tremendously.  In addition, they recently expanded their services to include what I consider to be some of the best massages and facials in LA.  I got a Swedish massage and a mini-facial recently that were exactly what I needed – relaxing, personalized, rejuvenating, and affordable!

I cannot recommend this holistic center highly enough – in particular the calm and friendly environment, the quality of the services, and the really unique and beautifully-designed space.

Natasha P.YELP - New York, NY

I never understood Acupuncture until i meet Paulina.  I had been to several different people, she is a step above awesome!!  I can never imagine my life without her in it, it is such a treat to get to visit her office.  I leave feeling renewed and relaxed!

Kennedy P.YELP - Grapevine, TX

Ahhh Polina Bowler…well first there’s that she fixed my leg circulation problem in all of five treatments.  My doctor had me getting x-rays and early morning leg ultrasounds, but found nothing and had no advice.  Before I let him send me in for more invasive tests, I decided to try acupuncture.  Thank god Polina takes my insurance and I found her on the list!

Besides her amazing ability as an acupuncturist, she has an extremely gentle touch and a calm and positive energy that just fills the room and makes you want to stay there for hours (with acupuncture needles sticking out of your back no less!).  I feel incredibly relaxed and happy every time I leave.  She also has a good sense of humor, I could go on and on…

Jesse N.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Polina and the team at East Meets West are beyond amazing.  I’ve been treated by Polina sine 2006.  I suffered for years with an undiagnosed illness, and Polina saw me through every step of the process, alleviating pain and discomfort and sickness when the doctors did not know how to help me.  I was finally diagnosed and am doing better every day, but if it hadn’t been for Polina, I would be in a pretty terrible place with my overall health after 10 years without a diagnosis.  The doctors try to treat one part of your body or one issue, but acupuncture treats the whole body as it works together.  She can help you prevent future illness, deal with side effects from medications, and treat current pain and ailments.  It has been life changing for me.  She is a true healer and someone who really cares about her patients.  Count yourself fortunate to have found her and get an appointment as soon as possible!  I can’t say it more emphatically.

Brandy N.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been going to Polina for the last 5 years but have been to using acupuncture to treat everything from back injuries to stress since childhood. Her approach to healing is effective yet very intuitive. I know that I am in calm and capable hands when I’m there. She makes the tension disappear. Now the pain isn’t always gone–that’s not exactly how acupuncture works, its amazing but not a miracle–but with repeat visits, its definitely alleviated. I trust Polina as much as my GP.

Thuy T.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I first went to Polina for back pain from a car accident years ago when nothing else helped- I had tried a chiropractor, an osteopath and even just tried to strengthen my muscles through pilates to support my back better.

I felt relief after Polina’s first treatment and the pain was totally gone after 2 or 3 treatments.  I still go to Polina whenever any ailment comes up.  I also take advantage of her nutritional advice and the herbal supplements that she recommends, which have been very helpful.

Trace J.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been going to East Meets West for about 7 months, and I absolutely love it!!  Polina is my acupuncturist and she is awesome.  From day one, her gentle spirit, and peaceful energy, let me know I was on the road to recovery!  I came in with a very damaged neck and shoulder ( long story!) and after months of failed treatments elsewhere, I started to feel relief after my first treatment with Polina.  She is so kind, and so gentle with the needles, my body responded incredibly well.  She had such a desire to rid me of my pain that she also did some cupping, magnets, and a few other things that were equally as amazing.  Then, I added the massage therapist, Craig, and now my pain is almost non-existent.  Craig truly has magic hands! He has such an understanding of the body.  When he removes knots, unlike most, you don’t even feel it.  One of the best massages I’ve ever had!  And after, he gives you a beautiful crystal to send you off with good energy.  Had both acupuncture and a massage today, and I left feeling like I was floating.  But the absolute best part of EMW is Polina’s beautiful, very LARGE dog, Teddy, aka Zen dog!!!  Any place with a calm, big, soft, cuddly puppy is alright with me!!  You will not be disappointed here!

Donielle A.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been coming to Polina for a couple years now and adore her.  Her new digs in a former art gallery space are always a pleasure to visit.  Polina is not only highly knowledgable about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but is extremely warm, personable and easy to confide in about any problem you may be having.  Because of her guidance, I was able to stop taking one of my medications for anxiety and now supplement with Chinese herbs.  Polina also taught me a very effective series of medical yoga poses which I’ve used for some time now.  She’s a great resource and I encourage you to stop by East Meets West.

David R.YELP - Austin, TX

I’d never seen an acupuncturist before, but my wife was such a huge fan of Polina’s, I decided to give it a try.  On my first visit, Polina and I sat down together and discussed what I was looking to get out of treatment.  Within a few sessions, I felt positive results.  That was almost two years ago and I’m still seeing her.  Not only is she excellent with the needles, but she’s also fantastic at reading a person’s body.  With a little examination, she can locate your imbalance and find the best way to correct it.  I’ve followed her advice on diet, herbal supplements, and even exercise, to my benefit.  Her treatment convinced me that acupuncture is just as effective as any Western medicine when it comes to general wellness.  And it’s a whole lot more enjoyable than a rushed 15-minute checkup.  Thank you, Polina.

Chris F.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

This centrally placed health center is a welcoming haven in the middle of a busy area.  When one enters the sense of peace is accentuated by the spaciousness and yet the intimacy of the individual treatment cubicles invites relaxation.  The staff are not only more than competent at their individual skills but are intuitive and sensitive people whose empathy for their clients is very apparent.  One  comes away with an enhanced sense of ‘ wellbeing ‘and wholeness.  We are lucky to have them here in Los Angeles.

Kay D.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I have been coming here for 2 months.  I often had the muscle fatigue, Due to severe spasm in my cartilaginous lower wings, I had caught by severe tendon swelling and I stuck to do anything than my friend Kriste told me about East Meets West, and in my first examination by them, my spinal spasm has been going to down and spasm is covered by mitochondrial growth.

Now I feels seems to be too lightly.  I really  thankfully to Kriste to refer this place.

Deverell C.YELP - Long Beach, CA

This acupuncture clinic has almost always, been perfect!  I was unfortunate enough to be disabled by two nearly back to back automobile accidents. (No, they weren’t because of my negligence:)…and no, the insurance companies haven’t done their part…:(

Yet, also fortunate enough to find healers who cared, knew what they were doing,  kept learning more, and were focused to do everything they know to help me get better.

You want to know the best part?  I am on the road to better, and, no longer disabled.

May I please tell you another great part?  East Meets West Acupuncture will help you feel better, learn to heal and care for yourself, and do it with professional, intelligent,  insightful, research based practice.

If you have pain anywhere, try it!  If you’ve been seriously injured, try it.  I know they can help you.  They did for me.

Lee R.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Very nice facility.  I have had acupuncture by both Polina and Rachel and they are both amazing.  I believe the results of acupuncture to be very practitioner-dependent, so you want a good one, and these practitioners have years of experience and know their stuff!  Has helped me tremendously with chronic neck and back pain.  After my first few visits I was so impressed that I referred my girlfriend here as well.

They are very helpful and flexible with hours and with scheduling appointments, which is helpful for my busy work life.  Also, they take insurance.

Everyone here is very friendly and compassionate, which makes you feel very welcome and cared for as a patient.

East Meets West is a truly holistic center.  Polina uses multiple complementary therapies and services.  I have not used their other services (massage, MD, nutrition, etc) but I would not hesitate to if I were looking for these.

William B.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I highly recommend this place for all your acupuncture, massage and facial needs. There are even yoga classes available! I started going to Polina Bowler years ago for the arthritis in my feet. Since then she has helped me through numerous back issues and tennis elbow. You can tell she is a true healer… really wants to help people.

As for the logistics, her office is in a great central location with ample street parking, and she has evening hours available some weeknights, which is helpful. She also accepts my insurance.

Earl D.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I can’t say enough great stuff about acupuncturist Polina Bowler and this office!  I always joke that she was instrumental in the conception and birth of my daughter.  I went to Polina when I wanted to get pregnant, and her first treatment during my ovulation was a success.  I went back when my baby was overdue, and she gave me a treatment to get things going, and I went into labor the next day.   I have also gotten acupuncture for shoulder pain, and stress management.

She is great at what she does, and is so thorough, asking tons of questions and truly figuring out how to help.  The office is nice, and in a good location. She’s the best.

Joy L.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Great little gem in the heart of Mid Wilshire area!  It sits back form the street but easily accessible.  I recommend anyone who can have help taking the kids to the tar pits across the street, should definitely get some mom or dad pamper time here!!  I am so happy this is in my local area of great places to receive great healing work!  Thanks

Michele D.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

I had insomnia for 2 months in which I literally could not sleep during that time.  I went to see Polina because I am against taking sleeping pills and other sorts of over-the-counter drugs.  I heard that acupuncture could help and I could not be happier with my results.  I saw Polina twice and after the second treatment, I could sleep infinitely better that night.  Through her “magic touch” and acupuncture, I was more relaxed than I had been in months.  I truly recommend seeing Polina for any issues as I’ve seen from first-hand experience that she can really help.

Ellen S.YELP - San Francisco, CA

I had a car accident and used conventional services massage, chiropractor and physio-therapists. Nothing worked until Polina’s magic needles solved my back problems within 3 sessions.

I highly recommend her services, with one caveat: I would go see her first  rather than later, as all treatment will work better.

Thank you Polina for your magic and help: you are a true healer.
Love, Nick

Nicholas E.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Polina is fantastic.  She has a wonderful, gentle personality and a soft touch with needles.  I was going through a stressful period and started seeing her to help with my insomnia.  After 2 visits I was sleeping much better.  After a few weeks I felt back to normal.  I find acupuncture so relaxing now and look forward to seeing Polina.

Lawrence R.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Polina is awesome!  Always gets it right!

Rod L.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Polina is a wonderful healer!  I first went to see her to help with my anxiety and insomnia, but she has helped me with everything from pain after surgery to sore muscles to TMJ.  She is extremely personable and makes you feel comfortable immediately upon entering her office.  She is also chock full of nutritional and herbal advice, but never makes you feel pressured to buy anything.  She just genuinely wants what is best for you.  And her prices are extremely reasonable, especially for the comprehensive exam and treatment you receive.  I highly recommend Polina if you want to feel better!

Amy Marie Y.YELP - Los Angeles, CA

Everything here is extremely clean, calm and relaxing.  All the staff does a great job making you feel comfortable and at peace.  They don’t ever try to oversell you on anything and always put your health and wellness first.  Highly recommend this place!!!

Mike M.YELP - Culver City, CA

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