JoAnne Tobias

Writer, Cook and Candida Diet Survivor

I learned to cook from the library.  From clipping newspaper recipes.  From pestering top chefs with amateur questions when I was supposed to be assisting my photographer husband as he profiled the Bay Area’s top foodies.  Along the way, in life or in print, I encountered the same maxim: get fresh ingredients and stay out of their way.

So when you follow these recipes, don’t watch the clock as much as you watch the texture. Smell, stir and listen.  You’ll soon develop a sixth sense about when things are just about to be perfect.  Add extra handfuls of fresh herbs at the end, and always be bold about adjusting seasoning.  You’re the boss of how much garlic each dish gets!

All the foods you’re allowed to eat on the anti-candida diet are incredibly tasty- an amazing foundation for any number of delicious, vibrant meals.  You don’t have to eat boring!  Enjoy.

JoAnne Tobias writes and cooks in Oakland, CA.